Find IM & Undergear Models by Era

40 years of International Male & Undergear models featured in photo galleries and issues of Undercover Guys eMagazines. Click to find your favorites!

70s & 80s International Male & Undergear Models


Rediscover models from the first IM issues & the launch of Undergear. See icons like Brian Buzzini.

1990s International Male & Undergear Models

The 1990s

Find favorites from the glory days when IM & UG were the world’s largest men’s fashion catalogs.

International Male & Undergear Models of the 2000s

The 2000s

Learn more about the famous models from the digital era through the empire’s closing days.

eMagazine Flip Books for each Model

Lots of photos and a model profile in each issue of Undercover Guys.

Restored Photo Galleries for each Model

Galleries of carefully restored online images & scans from the dial-up era.

Credit where Credit is Due

We credit models, photographers, stylists & other pros for their contributions.

Fashion Police Fashion Violations

The Fashion Police Blotter in select issues of UCG calls out IM & UG “model abuse.”

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