Models, Fans, Photographers, Designers & Stylists: If you have stories, insights, photographs or can help to ID Undergear or International Male models, we’d love to hear from you.

Photographers who have not been credited or have been incorrectly credited: This is a legacy project and we are passionate about celebrating your work. It does take a lot of work to change content in the flip books, but changes and additions will be made. We appreciate your contributions and your patience.

Photographers and Image Owners who wish to have specific images excluded: Photos will be removed or obscured with all valid requests supported with proof of ownership. We’re here to celebrate great work, not upset the creators who don’t want it seen.

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Thanks for your interest in Undercover Guys. This is a legacy project that is intended to celebrate 40 years of work. So if you participated in photos that are being used and would like to be credited, I want to hear from you. As a Creative Director not related to IM or UG, I want readers to understand that it really does take a village to create a body of work as vast as the legacy left behind by IM/UG/Brawn.

With appreciation,