David Knight

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David Knight achieved fame as a fashion model in Europe. He was an International Male & Undergear icon. He had starring roles in films. National TV commercials. His flipbook is being re-edited to reflect that he is alive and well, contrary to how he was portrayed by your host and editor. With DEEEEP apologies. Please check out his gallery until the David Knight Issue can be revised. Until then, I am dying my own slow, painful death by self-inflicted humiliation. I am grateful to David for his sense of humor.

David- It would be my great pleasure to re-tell your story with your input. Clearly I have confused you with another less fortunate Mr. Knight – an error for which I am left mortified. Please contact me via the email on the contact page. With profound appreciation, UCG.

David Knight Photo Gallery


    1. Author

      YIKES! SOOOOOO sorry. I will take this down until I can reanimate you. Horrified. And relieved!!!!! Congratulations on your much-improved status. 😉

  1. So good to hear that you are still standing. From a friend of long ago (London).

  2. Author

    Not only is David alive and well, but he just joined fellow models Steve Lyon and Brian Buzzini, and a former IM Art Director and Stylist who are part of a documentary on the International Male-Undergear empire. Pretty interesting!

  3. I’ve been looking for you since Demons as a kid, wtf happened? Why are you never to be seen online? No images, no posts? You’re like an enigma, my lost schoolboy crush!!!

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