Griffin Brackett

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Griffin Bracket is a fitness model and hockey coach whose infectious smile has brightened the covers of both International Male and Undergear, as well as several fitness magazines. I worked with him on print and TV campaigns for natural supplements and he was a real pro. He was apprehensive about acting, but he nailed every take. Griff’s a great guy who helps kids become pro hockey players. And he looks pretty amazing in this 72-page issue.

To enjoy the flip book at full size on your computer, click on the “expand” symbol. Or expand with your fingers on mobile devices.

Griffin Brackett


  1. After checking out the pictures of the fashion outfits from the models in International Male and UnderGear many years ago. There’s the one man made me impressed so much and yearned to know his name! But by the time I’ve never found what his name is. Thank you for letting me know his name is Griffin Brackett finally!!! He’s such a dream man of my mine and the smile just melts everything!

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