Robert Goold

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Robert Goold and International Male/Undergear grew up together in San Diego. He became one of the original team of regular models back in the ’80s. These days, he works both sides of the camera as a model and a photographer. Incredibly, Robert is in even better shape than when he was in his 20s. See for yourself. 69 photos on 76 pages.

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Robert Goold Photo Gallery


  1. Ahhhhh adorable: Mem’ries light the corners of my mind
    Misty water-colored mem’ries of the way we were
    Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind
    Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were.

  2. Author

    Ahhh, Robert. Memories indeed. The world was a simpler place and we tend to remember the best of it. San Diego and Miami Beach were just coming back from some hard times. Some things have actually gotten better. Certainly traveling has gotten more challenging. But last I checked in, you had art and a chainsaw you were passionate about, great kids, good friends and abs you could still crack an egg on.

    I have heard rumblings of an IM documentary. It’s probably time to update the Robert Goold issue with an interview of the locations, travel, people fashions and fearlessness in the industry that allowed for creativity.

    I miss the boldness, simplicity…and the smell of Polaroids.

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