Spencer Garbett Swimsuit Issue

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Spencer Garbett was a model, Star Search favorite, fX Breakfastime Road Warrior, and actor. He was also an International Male and Undergear Icon. The story of this fellow Miamian is compelling. The Spencer Garbett Swimsuit Issue is the first of 2 issues dedicated to this extraordinary gentleman. 68 restored photos on 60 pages. 

To enjoy the flip book at full size on your computer, click on the “expand” symbol. Or expand with your fingers on mobile devices.

Spencer Garbett Photo Gallery



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  2. I wasn’t into him when I was a younger girl. I liked kinda more dominating-looking intense guys. Now that I am middle-aged and I look back he is one of my absolute top faves. I mean sooooooooo not cute not handsome so BEAUTIFUL he makes me MELT! A total work of art. It is SO SAD that he died so young. Body dismorphia? What did the world do to him to make him kill himself?

    1. Author

      The industry can feel very cruel. But in this case it is more likely that the cruelty came from within and was amplified by personal and professional issues. It is all such a tragic waste. He was so filled with such promise, determination and decency.

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